Father’s Day with Gaucho Belts

Love your dad? Then show him how much you care with a fabulous belt from Gaucho Belts…

For the colourful dadChamonix Saddle Leather Belt The Chamonix belt is a hand embroidered Argentinian polo belt. The belt is stitched to the finest quality in aquamarine, navy, pale blue and red.

For the conservative dad

Badminton Saddle Leather Belt The Badminton is a hand embroidered Argentinian polo belt which is made of brown saddle leather and stitched to the finest quality in beige, green and navy blue.

For the creative dad
Brighton Saddle Leather BeltThe Brighton is a hand embroidered Argentinian polo belt which is made of light brown saddle leather. and stitched to the finest quality in blue, red, white, navy and cream.

And for all the other dads!
Don’t worry if you can’t see what you like. Browse our site to choose from dozens of designs. Order today for delivery by fathers’ day.

Skinny Leather Belts from Gaucho Belts

Here at Gaucho Belts we like to give our customers what they want….. and we have been asked for skinny polo belts, apparently better to wear with jodhpurs and more formal trousers.

Skinny Saddle Leather Belts
We have the Henley and Yale in the classic polo style, just a bit skinnier. Same quality saddle leather and colourful embroidery. We know that our belts are in demand with the horse mad, they make special gifts and come with a free cotton pouch.

henley skinny leather polo belt

Skinny Kenyan Beaded Leather Belts

Beautifully made these beaded belts will last lifetime – we have been selling them for 10 years and have never know a bead come off…. They are made by a women’s cooperative in the Masai in Kenya – you can buy something beautiful and support a traditional small workshop at the same time!

Our Dhow, Malindi, Tsavo and Turkana beaded skinny belts are designed using traditional Kenyan patterns and each bead is sewn by hand by skilled workers that pass on their expertise from generation to generation.

Skinny Dhow leather polo beltAt Gaucho Belts we have over 50 designs in 4 different leathers and are the world’s largest seller of both beaded and embroidered polo belts. And everyone needs a belt…….

New designs – dog collars and leads

Following the success of our dog collars and leads we realise that our customers are a pet loving lot! Due to popular demand we have increased our range of beaded and embroidered collars so we now have 16 jolly designs to choose from.

Chamonix dog collar and lead
The Chamonix design belt is our best seller so we thought we would make a matching collar and lead. The navy, aqua, red and pale blue will look equally jaunty on your faithful friend.
Chamonix Dog Collar

Royal Scottish collar and lead
For those with a hint of Scottish (is your dog a Scottie or a Sheltie?) or do you have Scottish ancestors. If not just choose the lovely blue, heather and greens of the Royal Scottish collar and lead because you like them!
Royal Scottish collarYour dog can be as smart as you are (if not smarter) in a beaded or embroidered collar from Gaucho Belts.

New launches at Gaucho Belts – Berets and Browbands

Here at Gaucho we are constantly looking for new products and we have two new exciting items all the way from Buenos Aires.

Berets – The stylish Argentinians love these berets, originally worn by the Gauchos, they have become fashionable amongst the smart set in Buenos Aires and the estancias in the countryside.

Patterned Beret: The patterned beret uses a traditional Argentine ‘pampa’ pattern and is worn by both men and women. The fabric is a heavy cotton with attractive contrasting stitching and are made for us by the oldest traditional hat makers in Buenos Aires.

Patterned Beret

Plain Beret: The fabric is a heavy cotton with attractive contrasting stitching these are made for us by the oldest traditional hat makers in Buenos Aires. Just the thing to protect you from the sun this ‘scorching’ summer!

Plain Beret

Browbands Made of soft saddle leather with hand stitched embroidery these brow bands are very popular with our horse owning friends. Hand-made in our workshops in Buenos Aires where the locals know a thing or two about horses…..

Yale browband

We have them in two different colour ways The Henley is pale and dark blue and the Yale is a slightly different pattern  with blues and a splash of red.

How we source our belts – Istanbul

Colourful Kilim carpets have been made in Turkey for hundreds of years and in recent years they have become the chic design from shoes to rugs and belts.
Kilim BeltsIstanbul is handicraft centre and our belts are made in a small worship a stones throw away from the famous Grand Bazaar. We use old natural dyed kilims and the softest of leathers and we are delighted with our new range of belts and slippers.

How many truly original items do you own? Each of Gaucho’s kilim belts is unique, a rare thing these days……

Kilim is chic and fashionable, equally at home worn with jeans, chinos or to enhance the colours of a dress or skirt. Be original!

Kilim Belts from Istanbul

How we source our belts – Kenya

My son worked for an educational charity in Kenya and whilst visiting we discovered the local Masai tradition of beading. Originally as a tribal costume decoration the locals now use their considerable skills to enhance leather goods from handbags and belts to dog collars and sandals.Kenya beaded leather belts

Kenya is famous for it’s cattle and the leather is top quality locally sourced and treated. The patterns on the belts are based on traditional designs and each bead is sewn by hand, yes really, and the work is highly skilled! The workshop employs over 60 people in the village of Kilifi and provides important employment for the locals.


Kilimanjaro - Beaded Leather BeltThe Kilimanjaro is a traditional Kenyan design which reflects the earthy colours of the African bush, one of our most popular belts we also make a dog collar and lead in this pattern.

In an era when most goods are mass produced in large factories it is refreshing to find something that is truly hand-made, original and supporting a local cooperative. Aside from the feel good factor we have never had one of our belts or dog collars returned, the craftsmanship is outstanding.

How we source our belts – Argentina

Visiting Argentina twelve years ago we brought some ‘polo’ (as they were called) belts back as presents and everyone loved them. We thought of the name Gaucho Belts (actually the gauchos don’t wear these they wear a wide wrap around soft leather belt with silver coins attached) but we wanted a name that embodied the Argentinian culture. Here at Gaucho we are proud to be the first importers of these belts into the UK.

Argentina is famous for it’s cattle, they have thousands of acres to graze on the pampas with plenty of space and sunshine to make the best beef and leather in the world. In the years since we started we have improved our product and now we only use the very best saddle leather and small workshops which hand stitch and embroider the belts. Customers tell us that Gaucho Belts are too well made and simply don’t wear out….. we say that you can have a different design for each day of the week.

Yale - Polo Leather BeltYale – Our best selling belt in navy, pale blue and red embroidery, originally made in Argentina in the colours of a popular polo team.

Now you too can have the ‘polo look’ – here at Gaucho we have over 50 lovely colours and 4 different leathers to choose from. These are not Chinese copies but the real thing hand-made in Buenos Aires.

Lancel Lannister
Eugine Simon also known as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones and his brother Charlie wearing Chamonix.

New designs at Gaucho Belts

The contemporary design of the Gstaad belt has been very popular featuring chic embroidery in lilac and navy blue using soft saddle leather and expert workmanship.
Gstaad - saddle leather beltKilim Belt
The kilim belt is one of Gauchos latest designs and we are the only ones selling these! Featuring elegant old kilim trimmed with soft leather these are made for us in a small workshop in Istanbul.
Kilim BeltsChelsea
Cut a dash in Chelsea with Gaucho Belts fashionable Chelsea design. Buenos Aires comes to London with the latest design worn by the Argentinian the polo set.
Chelsea - saddle leather beltHogwarts limited edition
Have a bit of fun and buy the limited edition Hogwarts polo belt, you don’t need to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate the vibrant colours and superb quality of the Gaucho Belt made exclusively for us in Argentina.
Hogwarts - saddle leather beltMendoza
The Mendoza belt in cream embroidery on havana brown saddle leather has a sophisticated understatement chosen by princes and worn by the discerning!
Mendoza - saddle leather beltHere at Gaucho Belts we pride ourselves on our range – over 50 designs in four different leathers. We are constantly bringing out new models so that you can have a belt to match every outfit…..

Top pics for February

February is the time to give your Valentine a very special gift. Here at Gaucho we have over 50 belt designs to choose from and all come with a stylish cotton gift bag…..just perfect!

Here are our top pics for February which feature belts that are a little different…. Under each of the product, we can write 2-3 lines about the product, any specialities about it and why we think it is our top pick for the month.

Our beautifully beaded belts are made in a small workshop by the Masai ladies of Kenya. The Dhow design is based on a typical tribal pattern and features the earthy brown and red colours of Africa.
Dhow - Kenyan Beaded Belt

Vail is made using our capybara style leather and features a pattern in navy blue with a thin white stripe – the latest in current fashion….

The Chelsea leather belt is for the sophisticated city slicker with an unusual design and the latest colours of pistachio and navy.

Kilim Slippers
Your valentine would love these slippers ( many wear them as shoes) each colour and pattern is unique. They have leather soles and a soft velvet lining and look very chic….
Kilim SlippersLots of beautiful gifts here at Gaucho …..for all your Valentines.

New Year, New Trends

Our new Kilim belts were best sellers over Christmas these are made in a small workshop in Istanbul and the quality is fabulous, soft leather and unique old kilim a truly original belt.

Red Cut – Capybara Style Leather Belt
At Gaucho we are the only company to feature this design of belt in capybara style leather we also have the navy cut and cerise cut – one for every outfit…..
Red CutAmpleforth – Saddle Leather Belt
We are told that red and black are the new colours this season, this belt is made of the finest saddle leather in our workshop in Buenos Aires.
AmpleforthMalindi – Kenyan Beaded Leather Belt
Malindi is one of our favourite belts and our customers agree making this one of the best selling designs in the beaded belts. Not only are you buying a beautiful belt you are are helping the ladies of the Masai in Kenya by giving them much needed employment.
MalindiKilim Belt
We are very pleased with the new Kilim belt addition to our range a very stylish and unique belt which has been very popular with our customers.
Kilim BeltsWe have the largest collection of belts using top quality leather, visit our website www.gauchobelts.co.uk to see our beaded, embroidered polo belts and the latest unique kilim belt designs. We ship all over the world!