Best of matching dog collars and leads

Have a glance at some of our best matching dog collars and leads we have at Gaucho Belts.

Kilimanjaro Collar and Lead
The colours of Africa look spectacular on your dog -this our favourite design at Gaucho and we also have the specially made greyhound and whippet collars in this design.
Kilimanjaro Dog CollarMalindi Collar and Lead
Malindi is our best selling Kenyan beaded collar, the quality is excellent and we pride ourselves on the fact they are extremely hard wearing and last for years and years.
Malindi Dog CollarRed / Navy Collar and Lead
Cheer up your dog’s day (and yours) by treating your best friend to a colourful gaucho dog collar.
Red & Navy Dog CollarNavy / White Collar and Lead
Prance along the pavement with your pooch in a classic navy and white collar with matching lead.
White & Navy Dog CollarLove your dog even more with a gaucho collar…….

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