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All the news about the media mentions of Gaucho Belts.

We’ve been featured

From the prestigious Equestrian Quarterly, to The Telegraph and Lancel Lannister of the Game of Thrones, Gaucho Belts has been featured; here’s a look at them:

14 of the best men’s belts by The Telegraph

The Telegraph recently compiled a list of 14 of their favourite belts and Gaucho Belts was a top pick. The belt featured on The Telegraph is “Henley”.

Henley is an Argentinian polo belt, made of brown saddle leather, hand embroidered in pale blue and navy.

You can read The Telegraph’s complete article here.

Featured in Equestrian Quarterly magazine (EQ)

Gaucho Belts has been featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Equestrian Quarterly magazine. The belts featured are Meribel and Dragoon’s.

Meribel is a suede finish capybara leather belt and is embroidered in green and navy. Dragoon’s is an Argentinian polo belt made of brown saddle leather, embroidered in maroon, green and yellow.

Equestrian Quarterly is a prestigious American Equestrian magazine. In its very first year, EQ was selected by American Horse Publications (AHP) as the overall best Equestrian Magazine in America.

You can read EQ’s complete article here.

Lancel Lannister sends his regards

If you follow the very popular series Game of Thrones (which we are sure most of you do), then you must have surely known of Lancel Lannister or now known as Brother Lancel of the Sparrows.

Eugene Simon, the actor who plays Lancel sent us his regards on Twitter, with a picture of him and his sibling wearing Gaucho Belts. Eugene and his brother Charlie both wear one of Gaucho’s most popular designs the Chamonix.

We wish Eugene the very best for Game of Thrones and all his future acting career.