Featured beaded belts for winter

We’ve just discovered that our beaded belts are half the price of our rivals, order now it won’t last!

Navajo is a ‘bestseller’ in the USA and is based on a traditional red indian design, the beads are finest glass from the Czeck Republic and the leather is Kenyan cowhide.
Similar in design to the Navajo the Apache has beads in pale blue, coral, white and black a striking look with any outfit.
ApacheKabaka Brown
The autumn colours of this belt compliment brown and green cords and is a favourite with us at Gaucho Belts.
Kabaka BrownTurkana
The Turkana beaded belt is a traditional Masai design coming from the region by Lake Turkana in the north.
TurkanaHaving seen other beaded belts when searching for suppliers the variation in quality is huge, dare I say it it, ours really are the best. You can tell by the glass beads, soft cowhide and the skillful way the beads are sewn with no gaps…..and our price is fantastic don’t take our word just check our rivals!

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