Featured Capybara Leather Belts

Capybara has the same finish as suede and is lined with leather to make it soft yet strong, it has a unique tooled finish.

We are the only importers of capybara polo belts in the UK and worldwide. The Meribel is decorated with green and navy blue diamonds for a subtle yet sophisticated look.
Vail, as it’s name suggests, is one of our best selling belts in the U.S. particularly loved by the smart skiing and sailing crowd…..
Twelve years ago, in Argentina, the Seville was the first capybara belt we saw and we have been importing them ever since! The blue and red embroidery looks especially smart with jeans and chinos.

Cerise Cut
Cerise cut is one of our most striking designs with black and cerise embroidery you’re sure to ‘cut a dash’….

Cerese Cut

The capybara range is for the more sophisticated look, equally at home on the ski slopes,
the yacht club and in the member’s enclosure..

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