Featured Designer Belts

Brighten up your jeans and liven up your chinos with best selling Gaucho Belts. We have over 50 different designs in four different leathers which is the largest selection worldwide.


This design is worn by Prince William, perhaps you can follow the royal trend too…..

Prince William

The Henley was featured by The Daily Telegraph as one of the top ten most popular belts, it was certainly the least expensive considering the top grade leather and hand embroidery.

Navy Cut

One of our more unusual designs it is made in capybara and exclusive to Gaucho Belts.


As worn by lovely (I saw him yesterday) Eugine Simon also known as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones!

Eugine Simon


The pattern and beading on this belt are beautiful, each one is hand sewn in a women’s cooperative on the Masai Mara.


Although the colours of this belt are distinctive (red, pale blue, apple green and navy) it is one of our best selling models!

AspenWe have 6 different sizes for adults and also 4 sizes for children. We regularly ship all over the world – the USA and Australia being two of the most popular destinations.

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