Featured Dog Collars and Leads

Treat your best friend to a jolly dog collar or lead, we have hand made beaded and embroidered designs to choose from.

Serengeti Lead
The Serengeti lead brings to life the vibrant colours of Kenya, make ‘walkies’ fun …..

Serengeti Lead

Green and Beige Collar
Our most popular collar which looks great on any breed, hand stitched and quality leather.
Green Argie CollarKilimanjaro Lead
The kilimanjaro design is based on a unique tribal pattern and we have a matching collar.
Kilimanjaro LeadLondon
The pale leather and green of the London collar is stylish with tan and brown coloured fur, treat your terrier!
London Argie Collar-800x800We have four different sizes of collar with over a dozen designs, we ship all over the world so that dogs everywhere can look as stylish as their owners!

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