Featured saddle leather belts

Not just any old leather: saddle leather is top grade, strong yet supple with a rich glossy finish.

Not only loved by skiers (hence the name) the Verbier design shows off the smooth saddle leather and quality embroidery which make it a classic in your casual wear wardrobe.
Verbier - Argentinian polo beltRoyal Tank
Compliments the autumn outfit with rustic colours of red, green and brown. Wear it with cords and a cosy cashmere…..
Tank Regiment - Saddle leather beltMilitary
The Military continues to be our most popular design and one of our first imports over 10 years ago, a well deserved classic!
A fun belt with the latest ‘ice-cream’ colours to show off your extrovert side…
Zermatt - Saddle Leather BeltGaucho Belts are all made of saddle leather which will last a lifetime though if you want a change buy some more, we have over 50 designs to choose from…

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