How we source our belts – Kenya

My son worked for an educational charity in Kenya and whilst visiting we discovered the local Masai tradition of beading. Originally as a tribal costume decoration the locals now use their considerable skills to enhance leather goods from handbags and belts to dog collars and sandals.Kenya beaded leather belts

Kenya is famous for it’s cattle and the leather is top quality locally sourced and treated. The patterns on the belts are based on traditional designs and each bead is sewn by hand, yes really, and the work is highly skilled! The workshop employs over 60 people in the village of Kilifi and provides important employment for the locals.


Kilimanjaro - Beaded Leather BeltThe Kilimanjaro is a traditional Kenyan design which reflects the earthy colours of the African bush, one of our most popular belts we also make a dog collar and lead in this pattern.

In an era when most goods are mass produced in large factories it is refreshing to find something that is truly hand-made, original and supporting a local cooperative. Aside from the feel good factor we have never had one of our belts or dog collars returned, the craftsmanship is outstanding.

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