New launches at Gaucho Belts – Berets and Browbands

Here at Gaucho we are constantly looking for new products and we have two new exciting items all the way from Buenos Aires.

Berets – The stylish Argentinians love these berets, originally worn by the Gauchos, they have become fashionable amongst the smart set in Buenos Aires and the estancias in the countryside.

Patterned Beret: The patterned beret uses a traditional Argentine ‘pampa’ pattern and is worn by both men and women. The fabric is a heavy cotton with attractive contrasting stitching and are made for us by the oldest traditional hat makers in Buenos Aires.

Patterned Beret

Plain Beret: The fabric is a heavy cotton with attractive contrasting stitching these are made for us by the oldest traditional hat makers in Buenos Aires. Just the thing to protect you from the sun this ‘scorching’ summer!

Plain Beret

Browbands Made of soft saddle leather with hand stitched embroidery these brow bands are very popular with our horse owning friends. Hand-made in our workshops in Buenos Aires where the locals know a thing or two about horses…..

Yale browband

We have them in two different colour ways The Henley is pale and dark blue and the Yale is a slightly different pattern  with blues and a splash of red.

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