Know Your Leather

At Gaucho Belts we choose the finest leathers and we have four distinct types.

  • Capybara is similar to suede with a distinctive tooled finish.
  • London leather is pale, it has that luxurious look and is often used for very expensive luggage.
  • Saddle leather is excellent quality and used for making top quality saddles (hence the name) and bridles for horses.
  • Kenyan cowhide is soft yet strong ideal for your dog’s collar.

Capybara Leather
Try the Milan belt – a style worn by Prince William. He obviously likes the understated chic
and the fact that the Milan can be worn on all occasions.

Saddle Leather
Saddle leather is the best of the best and traditionally used when strength and durability is important. Argentina is well known for it’s fantastic quality leather and has a history of leather working.

The Harvard in red, white and blue will look good when supporting England’s rugby team in the world cup.


Soft Cowhide Leather
Our beaded dog collars are made of soft yet strong Kenyan cowhide so your dog
will love their new collars from the start.

Check out the Nairobi collar in a traditional Masai pattern.


Learn to love your leathers at Gaucho Belts!

Featured Dog Collars and Leads

Treat your best friend to a jolly dog collar or lead, we have hand made beaded and embroidered designs to choose from.

Serengeti Lead
The Serengeti lead brings to life the vibrant colours of Kenya, make ‘walkies’ fun …..

Serengeti Lead

Green and Beige Collar
Our most popular collar which looks great on any breed, hand stitched and quality leather.
Green Argie CollarKilimanjaro Lead
The kilimanjaro design is based on a unique tribal pattern and we have a matching collar.
Kilimanjaro LeadLondon
The pale leather and green of the London collar is stylish with tan and brown coloured fur, treat your terrier!
London Argie Collar-800x800We have four different sizes of collar with over a dozen designs, we ship all over the world so that dogs everywhere can look as stylish as their owners!

Featured Designer Belts

Brighten up your jeans and liven up your chinos with best selling Gaucho Belts. We have over 50 different designs in four different leathers which is the largest selection worldwide.


This design is worn by Prince William, perhaps you can follow the royal trend too…..

Prince William

The Henley was featured by The Daily Telegraph as one of the top ten most popular belts, it was certainly the least expensive considering the top grade leather and hand embroidery.

Navy Cut

One of our more unusual designs it is made in capybara and exclusive to Gaucho Belts.


As worn by lovely (I saw him yesterday) Eugine Simon also known as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones!

Eugine Simon


The pattern and beading on this belt are beautiful, each one is hand sewn in a women’s cooperative on the Masai Mara.


Although the colours of this belt are distinctive (red, pale blue, apple green and navy) it is one of our best selling models!

AspenWe have 6 different sizes for adults and also 4 sizes for children. We regularly ship all over the world – the USA and Australia being two of the most popular destinations.

We’ve been featured

From the prestigious Equestrian Quarterly, to The Telegraph and Lancel Lannister of the Game of Thrones, Gaucho Belts has been featured; here’s a look at them:

14 of the best men’s belts by The Telegraph

The Telegraph recently compiled a list of 14 of their favourite belts and Gaucho Belts was a top pick. The belt featured on The Telegraph is “Henley”.

Henley is an Argentinian polo belt, made of brown saddle leather, hand embroidered in pale blue and navy.

You can read The Telegraph’s complete article here.

Featured in Equestrian Quarterly magazine (EQ)

Gaucho Belts has been featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Equestrian Quarterly magazine. The belts featured are Meribel and Dragoon’s.

Meribel is a suede finish capybara leather belt and is embroidered in green and navy. Dragoon’s is an Argentinian polo belt made of brown saddle leather, embroidered in maroon, green and yellow.

Equestrian Quarterly is a prestigious American Equestrian magazine. In its very first year, EQ was selected by American Horse Publications (AHP) as the overall best Equestrian Magazine in America.

You can read EQ’s complete article here.

Lancel Lannister sends his regards

If you follow the very popular series Game of Thrones (which we are sure most of you do), then you must have surely known of Lancel Lannister or now known as Brother Lancel of the Sparrows.

Eugene Simon, the actor who plays Lancel sent us his regards on Twitter, with a picture of him and his sibling wearing Gaucho Belts. Eugene and his brother Charlie both wear one of Gaucho’s most popular designs the Chamonix.

We wish Eugene the very best for Game of Thrones and all his future acting career.

New products and launches

Belts and collars, we have just launched exciting new products, here’s a look at them:

Collars for Greyhound and Whippet

Maggie the puppyBeautiful collars for your Greyhound or Whippet exclusively designed for Gaucho Belts. Both the Kilimanjaro and Malindi are Kenyan beaded collars featuring  traditional Masai designs.

Our beaded products are hand sewn and stitched using top quality leathers.

The Kilimanjaro collar is designed in red, white, black and green beads. And the Malindi collar in black, white, grey and brown. These collars also suit lurchers or any type of sighthound or sighthound-cross.

Maggie looks beautiful sporting a Kilimanjaro collar……

Children’s Belts

Children’s Belts - WestminsterNot just adults, now kids too can sport Gaucho Belt. We have launched Westminster and Yale into the children’s section.

Both  belts are brown hand stitched saddle leather with brass buckles. Westminster is hand embroidered in pink and navy and the Yale is in red, navy and pale blue.

For that special gift  you get a free cotton bag with every purchase.

Stay tuned, we will be adding more belts in  the children’s section.