Skinny Leather Belts from Gaucho Belts

Here at Gaucho Belts we like to give our customers what they want….. and we have been asked for skinny polo belts, apparently better to wear with jodhpurs and more formal trousers.

Skinny Saddle Leather Belts
We have the Henley and Yale in the classic polo style, just a bit skinnier. Same quality saddle leather and colourful embroidery. We know that our belts are in demand with the horse mad, they make special gifts and come with a free cotton pouch.

henley skinny leather polo belt

Skinny Kenyan Beaded Leather Belts

Beautifully made these beaded belts will last lifetime – we have been selling them for 10 years and have never know a bead come off…. They are made by a women’s cooperative in the Masai in Kenya – you can buy something beautiful and support a traditional small workshop at the same time!

Our Dhow, Malindi, Tsavo and Turkana beaded skinny belts are designed using traditional Kenyan patterns and each bead is sewn by hand by skilled workers that pass on their expertise from generation to generation.

Skinny Dhow leather polo beltAt Gaucho Belts we have over 50 designs in 4 different leathers and are the world’s largest seller of both beaded and embroidered polo belts. And everyone needs a belt…….

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