How we source our belts – Argentina

Visiting Argentina twelve years ago we brought some ‘polo’ (as they were called) belts back as presents and everyone loved them. We thought of the name Gaucho Belts (actually the gauchos don’t wear these they wear a wide wrap around soft leather belt with silver coins attached) but we wanted a name that embodied the Argentinian culture. Here at Gaucho we are proud to be the first importers of these belts into the UK.

Argentina is famous for it’s cattle, they have thousands of acres to graze on the pampas with plenty of space and sunshine to make the best beef and leather in the world. In the years since we started we have improved our product and now we only use the very best saddle leather and small workshops which hand stitch and embroider the belts. Customers tell us that Gaucho Belts are too well made and simply don’t wear out….. we say that you can have a different design for each day of the week.

Yale - Polo Leather BeltYale – Our best selling belt in navy, pale blue and red embroidery, originally made in Argentina in the colours of a popular polo team.

Now you too can have the ‘polo look’ – here at Gaucho we have over 50 lovely colours and 4 different leathers to choose from. These are not Chinese copies but the real thing hand-made in Buenos Aires.

Lancel Lannister
Eugine Simon also known as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones and his brother Charlie wearing Chamonix.

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