Top pics for February

February is the time to give your Valentine a very special gift. Here at Gaucho we have over 50 belt designs to choose from and all come with a stylish cotton gift bag…..just perfect!

Here are our top pics for February which feature belts that are a little different…. Under each of the product, we can write 2-3 lines about the product, any specialities about it and why we think it is our top pick for the month.

Our beautifully beaded belts are made in a small workshop by the Masai ladies of Kenya. The Dhow design is based on a typical tribal pattern and features the earthy brown and red colours of Africa.
Dhow - Kenyan Beaded Belt

Vail is made using our capybara style leather and features a pattern in navy blue with a thin white stripe – the latest in current fashion….

The Chelsea leather belt is for the sophisticated city slicker with an unusual design and the latest colours of pistachio and navy.

Kilim Slippers
Your valentine would love these slippers ( many wear them as shoes) each colour and pattern is unique. They have leather soles and a soft velvet lining and look very chic….
Kilim SlippersLots of beautiful gifts here at Gaucho …..for all your Valentines.

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